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Football Force Academy players have the opportunity to train with:

Unlock your full potential at Football Force Academy


Football Force Academy launched in 2018, the Academy is built on the idea to offer a professional football coaching environment to children of all ages and abilities, our philosophy revolves heavily around individual player development over team development. We offer football sessions between the ages of 5 to 16 and our unique pathway offers players the opportunity to progress through our tailor-made courses, providing each player with the appropriate level of challenge and opportunity. Our coaches can tailor sessions and players can move within groups to truly achieve their potential.  


There are also opportunities to play for Football Force Academy and play in the Junior Premier League which is the highest level of junior competition outside of  Youth Professional Academy Academies (YPFA). Our Academy is designed for young players who love their football and are showing high talent at an early age and want to develop and progress to their full potential.  


The Academy aim to have teams competing at U7s to U16 level with development training squads from U5s upward in the hope to enter into the teams when they are ready.

Denis Hasanaj 
Football Force Academy 

Exactly what a grassroots club should be!

Football Force Academy is the perfect grassroots football club that caters for both boys and girls at all levels, ensuring that they feel safe, happy and confident to develop. My son has been coached by Denis for just over two years, joining their U8s in September, and I couldn't be happier with his development and progression he has made.

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