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Our Prospectus

Our Aims and Objectives 

We aim to help players to develop self-confidence and respect through football. By offering one hour and half of elite coaching sessions per week with individual development plans and assessment tools we strive to ensure each player makes age-appropriate progress at our academy.


All player will have individual goals and targets which will be monitored by an experienced coach at the academy. All players and parents will receive support and feedback in areas where gaps that are identified.

We want to develop well-rounded individuals who are respectful, humble and gracious in victory and defeat, each player will respect their peers, officials and opponents at all times.

Long Term Vision 

Football Force Academy aspires to create the best environment for young players to thrive and develop under the care of highly skilled qualified coaches .


We aim to continually grow our unique team of specialists coaches to support players with all aspects of their football development.  Whilst, encouraging and focusing on a strong team ethic and core values with each player.

Why Football Force Academy?

At Football Force Academy, we promote a healthy living lifestyle on and off the pitch, parent and players have access to nutritional workshops in addition to regular education and support on how to access these services in their community.

Through our unique training method, Football Force Academy will ensure that each player will make progress during their time at our academy. We are solely about individual player development, all coaches will know your child, each child will know all coaches. We foster a positive training environment in which children will thrive and grow -Parents are expected to model positive behaviours at all times.

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