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Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How do I join?
    There are two ways of joining the club: (1) : Register as a trialist – This is popular with many parents as you select the day you wish your child to come along. They come along for the session and meet the coaches and other kids, then you can decide if you want to join fully. If you then wish to join fully, you just select the training sessions you wish to take part in. We recommend two sessions a week to make a real difference with your child. (2) : Register Fully – Filling in a form and bring it down to training on Saturday's at Plashet Park, East Ham.
  • I've just enrolled what should I do now?
    Bring your child to the training session you selected. Your child will train in a group which will most comfortable for your child’s abilities. The coach will then work with your child and either they they will remain with this group or be placed into a different group which we think will be more suitable and appropriate for their development. Your child will then be included in the group which will show up on the club website.
  • Do you have links with professional Teams?
    We have strong links with some of the leading football academies in England. Our youth program has seen many of our boys go to Academies. Our program has now had its first professional player with Bolton Wanderers F.C and Arsenal FC. We develop players to play at their highest level and we have seen over the last few years our players become Semi Pro player , Academy players but most importantly, we seem to keep many of our players still playing which has a huge help for them as young adults.
  • What age groups do we train?
    We offer football training sessions from as young as 5 years old right through to our Under 16 program. We offer very specific programs according to the ability of the player.
  • How much will it cost to bring your child?
    The main costs consist of 3 core payments e.g. weekly, monthly, 6 months and year yearly. 1. Weekly - £5 per training session 2. Monthly - £20 per month 3. 6 months payment - 100 3. Yearly - £170
  • Do I need to buy a kit and what, where, how much will it cost?"
    The club proud to be sponsored by Addidas and suggests that all players to wear the clubs training and football kit. We have two options for kits. Option 1 (£65 inc VAT) - This football kit consists of: - Football Shirt (personalised number *if the number is available* and name at the back) - Shorts & Socks (personalised number *if the number is available*) Option 2 (£85 inc VAT)- This football kit consists of, - Football Shirt (personalised number *if the number is available* and name at the back) - Shorts & Socks (personalised number *if the number is available*) - Training Jacket (personalised number *if the number is available* and initals)
  • Can girls join in as well?
    Currently we have mixed sessions at our Saturday, where girls are more than welcome to join in.
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