Player Points

Football Force Academy aims to reward players with Player Points. Players can earn points throughout the session or by meeting a specific targets listed below. Once you have enough points you can trade them in for a prize or continue collecting more points for the end of the session. 


How to Earn FFA Points:


Players will have the opportunity to gain player points through the following ways:


      Inviting a friend to a Saturday Training session (5pt)


      Training man of the match (2pt)


      100% attendance for the whole month (5pt)


      Wearing the full kit for the month (10pt)


      Good sportsmanship (1pt)


      Coaches player of the month (10pt)


      Birthday (5pt)


      Your friend joins on a membership (7pt)


      Complete a week in a holiday camp (10pt)


      Joining FFA on a membership (15pt)



Football Force Academy Player Point Rewards:


Once a player receives these points they have to keep them in a safe place, as they will need multiple points to be in with a chance of getting a prize.


After players have collected enough points they will have to trade them in to get their prize or they can continue to get more points by the end of the session (28th July 2019). The more points you have the better the prize.



10pts –          Captain for a day


18pts –          FFA wristbands or FFA badge or Football key ring or Football pencils/pen


33pts –          FFA drawstring bag or FFA beanie hat or FFA Mug


38pts –          Football base layer top or Boot Bag or Water bottle


60pts –          FFA socks or FFA shorts or Player gloves


70pts –          Shin Pads or Goal Keeper Gloves


100pts –          1 month free or £20 sports voucher (shop of your choice)


150pts –          FFA training jumper


200pts –          FFA personalised football shirt


250pts –         FFA Rain Jacket


270pts –         Football Boots or Full FFA Football Kit